N163BT RGB Soundbar

N163BT RGB Soundbar
50 sets
N-163BT RGB Soundbar 2.0 Speaker for computer with stereo bass sound.

N163BT RGB Soundbar


Rich Sound & Appearance

N-163BT Toogee RGB Soundbar has two 2-inch drivers that deliver clear and crystal sound quality combined with rich bass. There are 4 different backlit modes, including both dynamic and static LED illumination.


RGB Light Show Projection

An illuminating backlight show sync to the playing music when you are playing your favorite music while gaming or working. It is a classic with RGB effects.

Compactable Size & Handy Volume Knob
Easily placed below any device. The compact size of 16 inches works well with your audio system. A delicate and compact volume knob combined with an on/off switch offers you a convenient and precise volume adjustment.

Plug & Play for Broad Compatibility
USB power with 3.5mm audio and mic cables lets this rockstar party on many types of stages, including PC, TV, laptop, and smartphone. It connects nicely to all your devices and spices up your next party.


1. Height: 67.00mm (2.63") | 2. Length: 400.00mm (15.74") | 3. Width: 75.00mm (2.95") |  Starting Weight: 1920g (4.23lb)

Important Details
Weights vary depending on configurations and manufacturing variability.


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