N-650 Wood RGB 2.1 Computer Speaker

N-650 Wood RGB 2.1 Computer Speaker
50 sets
N-650 Wood RGB 2.1 Computer Speaker with 5W Subwoofer drive unit.

N-650 Wood RGB 2.1 Computer Speaker

Colorful RGB Breathing Light

Two satellite speakers and one subwoofer, all have seven colors that are cyclically gradual. Cool and magical lighting combined with passionate music will help you experience the live sound effects.

USB Powered, Smart & Compatible

No need for additional power supply equipment, convenient wire management, keeping the USB cable connected to the computer interface to provide power, simplifying a desktop, the audio input can be connected to a computer, TV, mobile phone, etc.

Natural Wooden Cover
Elegant and pure natural wooden cover computer speaker brings you a better touch experience and more healthy. It is designed to enjoy the superior acoustic properties of wood to create clear and natural sound.

Small Body with Heavy Bass
N650 small body is used with a computer. The simple and natural sound will arouse your senses, while the unconstrained, violent sound of the bass diaphragm will stir your spirit. Having an audiovisual sensory experience while playing games is even more thrilling!


1. Subwoofer Height: 122.00mm (4.80") | 2. Subwoofer Width: 160.00mm (6.29") | 3. Subwoofer Length: 158.00mm (6.22") | 4. Satellite Speaker Length: 70.00mm (2.75") | 5. Satellite Speaker Height: 106.00mm (4.17") | 6. Satellite Speaker Width: 95.00mm (3.74") | Starting Weight: 1580g (3.48lb)

Important Details
Weights vary depending on configurations and manufacturing variability.


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