Y3BT RGB 2.1 Computer Speaker

Y3BT RGB 2.1 Computer Speaker
50 sets
Y3BT RGB 2.1 Computer Speaker With Wooden Box

Y3BT RGB 2.1 Computer Speaker

High-Quality Audio Performance

Y3BT Computer speakers are equipped with an advanced 3W*2 sound drive unit and a subwoofer bass sound drive unit with 2.1 channel. Stereo speakers deliver rich and clear stereo sound with strong bass, offering you a superior auditory feast. So you’ll enjoy your favorite music, videos, and streaming content.

Colorful LED Lights

Desktop speakers automatically change 7 different colors during play, which is attractive in the dark. Your desktop will look cooler when playing games, watching movies, and listening to music. 

Compactable and Convenient Design
Compact in size yet powerful in performance. Small fuselage with powerful audio that frees up desktop space. Easy to turn up/down the volume with the in-line controller. Elegant and modern appearance for desktop computers in the office, living room, bedroom, and any other workspace.

Broad Compatibility
High quality cable for stable sound transmission. PC Gaming speakers compatibility with PC, laptops, desktops, notebooks, Kindle Fire, smartphones, tablets, MP3, MP4, and more devices. 3.5mm audio interface and USB power supply suitable for most audio players. Just plug and play(no driver needed).


1. Subwoofer Height: 190.00mm (7.48") | 2. Subwoofer Width: 220.00mm (8.66") | 3. Subwoofer Length: 153.00mm (6.02") | 4. Satellite Speaker Length: 80.00mm (3.14") | 5. Satellite Speaker Height: 110.00mm (4.33") | 6. Satellite Speaker Width: 70.60mm (2.77") | Starting Weight: 1580g (3.48lb)

Important Details
Weights vary depending on configurations and manufacturing variability.


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