KLG100 Gaming Headset

KLG100 Gaming Headset
50 sets
KLG100 Gaming Headset with wired and RGB effect stereo sound.
KLG100 Gaming Headset

50mm Loudspeaker Unit & RGB Effect

Newly upgraded 50mm loudspeaker unit, the sound effect is clear and in-ear, born for game fever. With RGB backlight effects, cool lighting effects around the ear cushion and logo, add the gaming atmosphere.

Easy to Use 

There is a scroll wheel volume controller on the ear shell, no need to find the wired controller, which makes the operation easier and more convenient.

Comfortable Double-suspended Head Beam
The design of the double-suspended head beam reduces the weight burden and ensures ease and comfort during gaming.

360° Omni-directional Mic & Noise Reduction
With a 360° Omni-directional flexible microphone, professional noise reduction technology allows you to transmit messages clearly


1. Height: 200.00mm (7.87") | 2. Width: 180.00mm (7.08") | 3. Depth: 88.00mm (3.46") | Starting Weight: 370g (0.81lb)

Important Details
Weights vary depending on configurations and manufacturing variability.


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