N138SBTW RGB Separated Bluetooth Sound bar

N138SBTW RGB Separated Bluetooth Sound bar
50 sets
N138SBTW Separated Bluetooth SoundBar with stereo speakers for gaming. With two 2 inch speaker drivers, it delivers 6 watts of total system power. Powered via USB and featuring Bluetooth functionality. Don't miss the attractive RGB gaming lighting effect!

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N138SBTW RGB Separated White Soundbar


RGB Gaming Soundbar With Multiple Features

N138SBTW RGB gaming soundbar has various features, such as Hybrid speaker, Bluetooth sound bar, 50mm Driver Unit, 6W Maximum Out Power, 16.8M RGB LED, and USB Plug & Play.


Unique 2-in-1 Design

Separated Soundbar. The two appearances allow you to freely choose Soundbar or 2.0 speakers. Elegant white soundbar.

With a 50mm Large Diameter Driver
The N-138SBTW speaker with 50mm dual-driver unit can feel the stereo sound effect with dynamic sound that is not distorted.

Touch Controlled RGB Lighting
Attractive RGB multi-mode Advanced mesh grille design make the user's environment more pleasant.


1. Separated Mode Height: 190.00mm (7.48") | 2. Length: 380.00mm (14.96") | 3. Height: 80.00mm (3.14") | 4. Width: 70.00mm (2.76") | Starting Weight: 700g (1.54lb)

Important Details
Weights vary depending on configurations and manufacturing variability.

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